Our Technology

Disposable Bib Chip Timing

Runner's Edge Race Timing provides "Disposable" Bib Chip timing technology from TRIDENT Race Timing Systems. TRIDENT Race Timing Systems elevates the use of Disposable Bib/Chip timing to a new level. Read sensitivity and read response from the timing system and the NEW innovative mat system make the TRIDENT Race Timing System unmatched in the industry. Our level of confidence is very high and we see only success for our clients races and events. This gives you - Great Results, Every Time!

The advantages of the “disposable” Bib Chip are:
Fool-proof timing tag remains a part of the bib - Easier to distribute pre-race
Once a participant picks up their packet they are done, just pin their bib on and they are good to go
Attractive and professional appearance for your finish line
Free flowing finish line - Fewer volunteers needed – No corral area, eliminates post-race bottlenecks
Frees up volunteers to help in other key areas
No post race sorting of chips and no charges for lost chips

Returnable Shoe Tag Timing

Ipico Sports Timing Solutions award winning products satisfy the demands of events of all types and sizes. IPICO Sports technology is designed for running, mountain biking, swimming, nordic sports and other events, including multisport races.

Ipico offers three chip types to meet a wide variety of race needs. The Ipico Shoe Tag provides the most ecomonical method of highly reliable timing in the industry. The Shoe Tag is a tag that must be returned. There is the capapbility to have Custom Shoe Tags created for single use "disposable" needs that will provide a unique race souvenier. The Ipico MultiSport Tag is mainly used for triathlon events and biking events and provides the same high level of reliability as the Shoe Tag. The newly introduced Ipico "disposable" Bib Tag has the industry buzzing as it give all the unique advantages of Ipico's Dual Frequency readers in a truly disposable chip. Read zone is maintained within the mat area. Absolutely no interference when on the body. Not effected by water, clothing, or other (close) participants. No problems for longer events and events with high humidity. This Bib Tag was used with great success in the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Time Trials in Houston on Jan 15th.

Tested, Rugged, Reliable.